Waking from coma

There have been lots of little changes with Gus in the last week. They are small things but exciting to see. And I feel as though we’re friends and family on vigil with a coma victim, cheering each flutter of an eyelash or twitch of a finger.
He’s started reaching out and having more control over his hands which means he can pick up toys when they drop within reach. It also means he can pull the cord out of the computer and bat at the cell phone when I’m talking. I can see how this won’t be cute for long.

When we were over at Aunt Sally’s last weekend, she was holding Gus and asked him if he wanted to go to his mum. I thought it was rhetorical until he reached out for me. I felt like a million bucks. He’s since done it to Charles and when he got bored sitting in his chair one morning. It’s a cool new way to communicate what he wants.

He can also hang out on his stomach for ages now, playing with the mat or a toy in front of him. This often involves a bit of puke but it’s worth it because it interests him for so long.


The puke has definitely gotten more frequent and I’ve hidden my suede way back deep in the furthest closet.

He’s happier these days. This afternoon I was driving him home from writing a half an hour late for his nap time which usually means a crying baby in the back of the car. But today he not only held it together for most of the trip, but when he did start whining, his began ending each little cry with a little happy squeak. As if he was trying to stave off the bad mood.

On Wednesday night, Charles worked until 5am on some networking issues at work. The next morning at 7, Gus discovered his happy yelping voice. In the echoy bathroom. For a full 10 minutes. Where did my little quiet lump go? (not the big quiet lump, he’s right here watching Top Gear)

And, with a great deal of concentration and hours of you poised in front of him with raised eyebrows and a very dry tongue, he will eventually stick his back out at you.

Finally, did I mention he’s outgrown the next set of clothes?
Not in any danger of starving to death.

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