Day 127

Well, we didn’t have screaming last night from the shots but he was sure dopey all day today.

Happy, but dopey. His eyes looked a bit dull and spacey and missed that usual spark.

So I panicked and googled ‘brain damage infant shots’ and even called the doctor just to be sure. I was calm by the time he called back in the afternoon but all morning I imagined the worst.

I’m such a new Mom.


3 thoughts on “Day 127

  1. I think, with all of the (mis)information out there, and all of the possible things that could go wrong, it becomes easy to panic. I speak from my own experience of reading recently all about vaccines and autism (not to open a can of worms) and understanding the science of what we know (that so far there is no proof of a connection) with what we don’t know (we don’t know what causes this horrible condition) and it’s no wonder we worry over what may or may not be a normal reaction post-vx. Especially given the fact that we usually have no control over many of the things that can or do go wrong.

    It’s a scary world, but sometimes we just have to trust and let go. I don’t want to be one of those mothers who’s constantly monitoring everything the child does, but (fingers crossed) if I have a healthy child, I don’t want to lose that miracle either…And, if something *does* go wrong, you will *always* have people second guessing whether you did or didn’t do enough to “protect the child”….The tragedy of a very litigious society and one looking for someone to blame for the things that go wrong.

  2. Emily: “Doctor, will those shots give Gus brain damage?”

    Doctor: “I knew there was something I forgot to tell you.”

  3. That’s EXACTLY what I thought. : ) That he’d say, ‘”Oh, he’s like THAT. Well, since he’s showing THOSE signs, I can tell you about this particular reaction that very few people have. And only since you called.”

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