Day 126

I took Gus to have his 4 month shots today.


I was dreading it. Hate to see him cry. Here is his trusting look moments before.

The doctor did the first shot in his right leg and Gus looked suprised but didn’t cry. Then watched as the needle went in the second leg and…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Such a red face. I didn’t have the heart to take an after picture.

The crying passed quickly though. And no screaming this evening like last time. So far.

He’s 7.2 kilos by the way (16lbs). Right smack average.

And, yes Jake, his head is still big.

One thought on “Day 126

  1. Oh lord…I take John for shots on Thursday morning. Last time he did the same: calm for the first shot, scream his head off for the second shot. I’m already queasy with nerves, thinking about it this time around.

    Is Gus feeling okay now?

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