Gus’ first kitty in person

Before I had Gus, if you would have asked me to choose between a cat and a baby, there would have been no hesitation: the fluffy one, hands down.


But this weekend, the choice was just a tad bit harder to make.


Perhaps we should sew Gus a little cat suit to give him a fighting chance.

4 thoughts on “Gus’ first kitty in person

  1. Please tell me you photoshopped that cat. As much as I love kitties I think I would be scared to have a cat that big.

    I’ve never seen a baby or toddler who didn’t squeal with delight at the sight of a neaby kitty.

  2. If you think that cat is big, you’ll have to see our cat, Wilbur or Tricia/Seb’s kitties from Taxi’s litter, Hood & River. The two of them, when stretched out from end to end, take up the entire length of their couch. Quite impressive.

  3. River (big kitty) weighed in at over 18 pounds last week. He’s big, yet very gentle. Good kitty.

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