Day 125

A great weekend in Young -wish we could have stayed a week. It’s so nice to spend time with Charles’ folks, chatting, eating and poking around on the computer.

Highlights included a bath in the big tub.

Gogo taught him to mmmmm which he then did whenever he saw her.

A walk in the cold to see the orange trees.

More fawning from Granddad.

Delicious orange cake and a fairly smooth ride home -although I did have to crawl in the back to play a bit after he woke from the nap.
(And how cool is my new purple wool shirt? A lovely warm prezzie from the in-laws. Any wonder why we’re planning to never leave next time?)

5 thoughts on “Day 125

  1. Why don’t you just stay down there and raise him? I need a place to stay when I go to Australia.

  2. Is it just the camera angle or did Gus get REALLY big in one weekend? (And even cuter?). In the tasteful nude shot of him in Charles’ arms, he looks enoooorrrmous.

  3. Must be the angle. Although, he’s definitely heavy now. And tall -his legs drape off the end of the feeding pillow.

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