Day 124

This weekend we’re at Granddad & Gogo’s place in the country.

It’s a four-hour car trip that we attempted last night once Gus was asleep. All went well for the first 3 hours but we needed to stop half way to get petrol and feed him. So we chose a turn-off at Goulburn that had a station and a McDonalds. Something about Goulburn seemed to touch Gus and inspired him to do his big weekly poo. So after the feed, we had the choice of a very cold changing in the back seat if the car or a warmer (but much brighter) changing in the McDonalds. The presence of a change table won and Charles headed into the golden arches with the sleepy-head. He didn’t stay sleepy very long though because as soon as they arrived at the loo, he apparently had a panic attack of such terror as Charles had never seen before. By the time they got back to the car, Charles was still shaking but Gus was just fine. It seems he just has good taste in fast food joints.

IMG_2833 IMG_2836 IMG_2838

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