Day 120

We bought Gus a cot since his legs were touching the sides of the bassinet. Funny to see him with all that room now.


Spent a good 2 hours walking in the park this afternoon, nice and slow, reading a book.

Here’s his view from inside:

Cleared it with the nieghbours that there may be a lot of crying tonight as we keep putting him back down in his cot. And I’ve already spent 2 hours shhing and patting him back to sleep. Picking up to comfort, putting back down.

Ooh, I hear him stirring again. I think it might be a long night.

5 thoughts on “Day 120

  1. don’t overdo the shhh…for the love of god..don’t overdo the shhh. Especially on the airplane over. Avoid the shhhh like the plague.

  2. Although I suggested this calming method, we’re going through hell over here suddenly with the shhh pat. At night, I can’t do it it for more than ten minutes without giving up and feeding. I, too, worry about the neighbours.

    Louis has a cold. Hence, everything’s a mess. Again! I’ll be following your progress so I can learn what works, at least for Gus.

  3. WAIT…do that animal trick that Crocodile Dundee used….the two fingers and the buzzing sound. MY GOD I cannot believe you Australians didn’t realize this earlier.

    Thank me later or just bring me a sweet official Australian rugby jersey.

  4. How’s Taskforce Settle Gus making out today? Did your SIL have any good techniques you want to share with the tired mummies club?

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