Day 119

New development.

Remember when I was wondering when the emotional crying would kick in? Hello.

He will now cry inconsolably when placed in his bassinet. Even waking from a dead sleep. We calm him down and barely move to place him back, and WAAAAAAAAAA!!! -can’t fool him.

The time has come to do the hard yards and actually teach him to sleep. This means putting him in his cot awake and SOMEHOW helping him calm down and fall asleep right there.

The ‘let him cry’ option has come up again, of course. But everything I’ve read says that he won’t actually learn anything from that until after 6 months. Until then, he just wonders why we’re abandoning him. And I want him to feel a sense of control over things until he’s old enough to understand.

Then I’ll take it all away (mwa ha ha).

In other news, Charles is sick. So Gus’ first cold may be just around the corner. Weeeee!

A side benefit is that, since he was home miserable, I got to slip away for an hour and go for a swim. The first time in 4 months and it felt great. Weird not to have a huge stomach acting as rudder, but I DID have one boob about 3x bigger than the other due to a quick feed just before I ran out the door.

And earlier in the day I had a lovely lunch with my friend Sharon who has a gorgeous little 6 month old girl who can sit up by herself. She and Gus are about the same size but her little limbs are bursting with strength and energy while Gus is a floppy lump in comparison.
IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2777

Six months is about the age Gus will be when we move to Oregon. It makes me sad that the Oregon people will have missed seeing him younger. But I’m sure he’ll be even more fun then, with all that electricity shooting through his arms and legs.

7 thoughts on “Day 119

  1. Love the idea of electricity shooting out of him!

    Hey, what we do is the shhh-pat. I can’t bear the idea of leaving Louis to cry it out, doubt I’ll be able to do it in two months either, so we sit beside his bassinet and pat him to sleep, as you describe.

    It’s an alternative to the controlled crying thing, works for us anyway. You just have to bear the twenty or thirty *YES* minutes of screaming the first time you do it. Then, it rapidly got less and less for us.

  2. We love that floppy lump. That’s our Gus. I’ll be sad when you guys leave and Gus is no longer that soulful, pensive little bear.

  3. I am sorry for your loss, Andie, but I have to say that I can’t wait to meet this little gent.

  4. Man I can’t wait to get you guys up in the break away Republic of Cascadia. Give you and Gus a big hug.

    Then Charles and I can go sit on the front porch and sip a few Henry Weinhard’s rootbeers.

  5. Whatttttt???? You’re moving to Oregon????? Uhm, hello? Where have I been? Will you be making any treks down here so I can meet the boy(s)?

  6. um… when you “move to Oregon?” ?

    … er … um… how long will you (and Gus) be in Oregon… ?

    (also: … blueberry season is coming up in Corbett soon…, cherry season in a few weeks … btw)

  7. Yes, the plan is to be in Oregon for a few years which means lots of visits to both SF and the blueberry bushes. : )

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