Day 116

Did I mention I’m shedding everywhere? The hair that refused to fall out whilst pregnant is suddenly making a run for it. Unfortunately it only seems to get as far as our bathroom floor. Or in the fist of our child.

I went to work today. Dressed up and took a taxi into the big city to conduct a workshop for the morning. I left Gus with a very sweet babysitter who used to be Gwen Stefani’s nanny. Not that I asked about it -I’m far too cool for that. Will wait for the second time she comes over then ply her with cookies. She’s very animated and Gus likes her.

It felt odd to have to think again that way, albeit for a tiny amount of time. I could feel my brain creaking, trying to remember all those things you use when you speak… like enthusiasm and words. Only a few hours of sleep last night since I had to rebuild the presentation.

But it’s now 8pm and I’m hitting the sack. Goodnight.

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