Day 114

Went to visit my friend Nicole today and her two twins Marcel and Zenas.

We walked to the park in the warm overcast weather. This isn’t the best I’ve ever looked but I figure it’s good to add to show how these days are going.

The chair worked a treat last night for the first section of sleep, by the way. A big long stretch between 7p and 12a! Before returning to hourly wakings again from 3a. But hey, my angel card today was gratitude, baby.

4 thoughts on “Day 114

  1. For only getting a little sleep these days, I think you look terrific. I’m glad the chair is giving some relief, even if only slight. I’ll be picking your brain in the next few months for colic suggestions, I”m sure. I’ll have to dig out my angel cards to help with those days (come to think of it, they may help with these days of increasing late pregnancy discomforts.)

  2. uhm, em,

    what is this vibrating chair you keep talking about? is this some australian thing? 🙂

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