Day 113

The vibrating chair worked! He slept through the night and we got 9 hours of sleep!

Just kidding. Ha, ha, hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

The lack of sleep is starting to get to my brain. I write elaborate blog posts in my head but forget them by the time I sit down to write. I forget basic words all the time when I’m talking now too. But my mood is still good at least.

The other thing the sleep thing has effected is my To Do list. It looks exactly the same as it did last week. The hour or so I used to have in the middle of the day is now used for naps. It makes me feel like nothing is progressing and that we’ll be here like this forever.

Charles and I sat on the couch last night and wondered out loud what it will be like when things are normal. It’s like looking forward to Disneyland when you’re a kid. You almost dare not think of it or your heart will explode with just-can’t-waitness.

One thing I started doing today, though, is taking the laptop in the nappy bag. I had a nice 20 minutes at the cafe today when Gus was happy to sit in the stroller while I whipped out the computer and got a bit done. Then we snuggled while I snuck bites of my banana bread. It was a good moment.


We’re trying the chair again tonight -it’s good at least for putting him to sleep right away.

2 thoughts on “Day 113

  1. I think you should have done meditation or zen buddhism or something so that you were ready for this type of stuff. My cousin does it and her life is really balanced.

  2. i love the jersey – such old-fashioned buttons! who knitted it? i had plenty (over the years) when i was a kid, and my sister had a yellow one that my gran had knitted, with the big silvery-whitish buttons.

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