7 thoughts on “Day 112

  1. Arghghghg. The car seat is a good idea. I just finished rubbing Louis’ belly, pumping his legs to get the wind out, and singing a lullaby for what feels like the millionth time. Do you have any idea why our kids suddenly got gassy around 3.5 months when it’s supposed to stop?

  2. No idea! But I’ve stopped the diet and have all my hopes on this chair -which I insisted have a vibrating mode.

    15 minutes ago, he woke up and I thought ‘oh great, it’s not working’ but Charles went in and it turned out Gus had just slipped down the end of it (I didn’t strap him in for fear of waking him). So usually I’d have to go in and feed him to sleep but Charles just turned on the vibration and Gus went right back to sleep! That moment alone was worth every single cent we just spent.

  3. Remember that line from Sex in the City: ‘You’re not a bad mother Miranda – you just didn’t know about the chair!’

    [sigh] If only it were that easy.

  4. Oh yes indeed. That’s why I bought it! (It’s 9pm and I’m still hoping it’s that easy)

  5. Oh it’s a VIBRATING seat. If it works, I’m off to get me one. I just can’t believe how badly our sleep has unravelled over the last two? three? (I’m so sleep deprived I can’t remember) weeks.

    God, it’s got to pass. Doesn’t it? My hope is now on the chair as well.

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