Day 110

Well, it’s been 10 days of the no-anything diet and no change so far. In fact, tonight it started even earlier. Ah well.

The crying sounds are different for gas, by the way. More like “eye eye ah” vs the hunger crying which is “neng neng neng.” It can be heartbreaking, poor guy.

We’ll give it another 2 weeks before we start to panic. It could still just be ‘normal’ stuff that happens in the first 4 months.


A nice leisurely day today. Walked to Surry Hills for breakfast then lunch with the lovely Adrienne.

A ridiculous amount of my brain these days revolves around the timing and organization of his nap schedule. I try to meet up with people at times when he’s awake (and also try to ensure he goes down in time) but inevitably -no matter how well we arrange things- one of us ends up walking him around the block before returning to a delicious plate of cold eggs.

But it was good to be out and about in the sun today. On the way home, we were about 2/3 of the way back when 4pm struck (dun dun Dun) and the crying started. So we’d stop, calm him down then put him back in the stroller until it started again. I tell you this to explain this picture:

Here we see Charles comforting our small child in front of the Kings Cross needle exchange box.

2 thoughts on “Day 110

  1. Lady, I feel your pain. Just the same for us too. The only good thing about it is that I can take up dairy again, since it’s not working anyway.

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