Month 4

Today is week 16 which would be 4 months if we counted that way. But we have to start shifting to actual months now and that means two more weeks until the 19th of June.

Four months is supposed to be a magic number for things like rolling over and gas going away. Can’t wait. But a few things have been happening lately that I thought I’d stop and write down so I don’t forget.

He’s slowly starting to reach out for things -with the all important goal of shoving them in his mouth.

The feeding issues have all cleared up and we haven’t used formula in ages. It’s due to a combination of the pill I’m taking (Motilium) and the fact that he’s not as lazy these days. Whatever the reason, it’s heaven. No more hour-long feeds in the middle of the night, no expressing during every single feed and no running out to the store in a panic at 9pm because we just realized we ran out of formula.

He loves looking up at the trees.

The cool thing about personality is that it’s like a Polaroid slowly revealing itself. But from what we see now, he’s a pretty happy and inquisitive little guy. On our walk tonight, I got all the way to the end of the warf when he started crying -totally fed up with lying in the pram. So I sat him up in the corner and he was happy as Larry to ride all the way back that way. He just wanted to look around a bit.

He can also support his own head now, which is pretty cool. It means we don’t have to be so careful all the time and he feels more robust when we pick him up and move him around.

Speaking of heads, his hair is thinning at the back. Not the cutest look ever.

I’m obsessed these days on making him nap every 90 minutes or so which he doesn’t do by himself. But that’s starting to feel easier to make happen -he doesn’t resist it as much. In fact, he’s starting to react to the routines we go through. A couple of weeks ago, he started crying when I put him on the pillow (as in “Oh yeah, food. Hey, I’m really hungry. I need to eat NOW!!! I’VE NEVER EATEN BEFORE!!! YOU’RE STARVING ME!!!!!). And in the last couple of days he starts the crying one step earlier when we start wrapping him up for the night. At the moment, I’m feeding him to sleep each time but have started the slow process of breaking that association so that anyone can just put him down and he’ll sleep.


And aside from the bouts of gas, he sleeps pretty well with a huge chunk each night from about 6p-1a and then only one more wake at around 3a. Not bad, as far as I’m concerned.

Oh yeah, and he LOVES being changed and dressed. Giggles like a drunk chipmunk each time.

4 thoughts on “Month 4

  1. I love the update. I’ve been dreaming more about giving birth (well, OK, maybe only 2 dreams), but last night I actually dreamt about having the baby at the house and it was both wonderful and terrifying. It was so nice to hold her (it was a girl) and change her, but I realized that we’d left the big plastic cover over her bassinet and as I opened it I was crying because I thought for sure she would have suffocated (she didn’t…note to self: remove all plastic bags from the house) and then when I was changing her, she managed (twice) to take a header off the table I was using. I made a note when I woke up to remember to get washclothes, diaper ointment, powder, oh, and diapers and have everything at hand for changing. I know I’ll be looking to your blog and your experience for milestones and for confirmation that things can get frustrating, but overall the joy of having them around is the most overwhelming, wonderful, awesome (not in the slang way) experience.

  2. One thing I did to build a bridge between nursing and going to sleep was I gently rubbed the kids’ heads while they were nursing and then when the time came to go to bed/sleep without nursing, I continued the head rubbing for awhile. I think the association really seemed to work for us.

  3. Emily, thanks for the update on Charles..but what about Gus?

    Also where did you get the “happy as Larry” saying? If it is from Australia then we need to get you back in the USA pronto before you go all foreigner on us.

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