I’m thinking about going on a diet to avoiding the following foods: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussles sprouts, radish, horse radish, beans, lemons, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, dairy, soy, and peanuts. All said to cause gas with Gus via the breastfeeding.

But Charles looked it up and there are no studies to show it does any good. Plus, as a veggo, there goes about 90% of my usual food. And I had been eating all of this before the gas. So he talked me out of it and ordered pizza.

Then last night/early this morning was as bad as ever and I had bit of a melt-down. It was the 4th time Gus woke screaming in pain and Charles had a sore throat so couldn’t take him even for a few minutes (lest he give it to us) and I actually felt sorry for myself. I screamed at the wall in frustration and in the morning I told Charles I hated him. He knew I didn’t mean it though.

By 9am Gus was ok. He giggled and cooed and went down easily for his morning nap. And at 11am I had coffee with a friend who is having a health scare -and that put things in perspective.

At noon Charles dropped by for lunch -just to be nice.

And then Lex called in the afternoon and said she was having a terrible time with gas too and I felt so good to hear it. Isn’t that terrible?

So, I still need sleep but the worst is over – my attitude has shifted and the weekend is almost here.

And to top it off, Charles’ Mum called this evening and said, yes, there’s no proof the diet does any harm or good. And by the way, she had 4 kids and only one of them had bad colic. Guess who?…

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  1. Sounds like you are far too acidic. Do you take acidophilus? You need to get your PH in balance. I know it sounds wierd but apple cider vinegar and maple syrup in a glass of hot water might help.

    Ever had a big bowl of oatmeal in the AM?

    Just some suggestions.

  2. Big hugs for you babe. Best I can do.
    See you tomorrow. Feel free to sleep in our bed if it hits you xx

  3. I’ve heard of Connie’s apple cider vinegar/maple syrup recipe. You should try it. Certain things I ate gave Grant gas, but some babies are more prone no matter what “you” do in your diet.

    Soon he’ll be eating cereal and other foods and that might calm things down a bit too. 🙂 (no comfort for today, though. sorry)

    I’d take Gus for a bit if you were here…you’d be able to have a nice LONG nap! Just think…”August.”

  4. Oh. Sorry Em. If you were here you could just leave him with me, I mean, why not — he might enjoy the other kids.

    Anyway, did I tell you Jack (#1) had colic (the c-word). We never wanted to admit it, plus as newbie parents, we just weren’t sure. But, looking back, he definitely did. It lasted until he was 10-weeks old and then just stopped. It was a miracle. And, at 4 months, he finally took his first nap. I can’t tell you how many times I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” and called C at work crying, and begging him to come home. Jack cried all day. His one saving grace was sleeping through the night early.

    If it is colic, just remind yourself that it has to end.

    Ian was also a little cranky in the beginning, and I thought he had a milk allergy so I cut out all dairy. That was miserable. And, there is no concrete proof. Plus, you basically have to only eat pears and rice for 2 weeks to get everything out of your system, and then introduce foods one by one to figure out if there is a culprit. You could give it a go — you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

    Good luck.

    Hugs to you.

  5. I just thought of something. If you can get Hyland’s Homeopathic down under, go find the colic remedy. Any health food store ought to have it. It can work wonders for colic and is safe.

  6. Tell Gus I am having sympathy gas. In fact I had so much sympathy last night I got kicked out of my friend’s house.

  7. Thanks for all of the great advice! Managed to keep away from everything on the list today -even had cheeseless pizza. Blah.

  8. I went looking for articles on changes to blood ph, to see if there were studies on breast-feeding following Connie’s comment. Imagine my surprise when I saw a familiar name cited as a reference in one of the articles about the difference in arterial oxygen tension depending on position (sitting or prone). Is it possible that Gus’ grandma knows something more on the subject?
    Very suspicious, Gogo. Or should I call you … Dr Raine. [Cue horror movie music]

  9. Good Heavens- how extraordinary and in spite of me knowing nothing about colic in infants other than it is common and passes without any perceivable damage and with great relief to the parents.

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