Day Ninety-Five

I found a hippy-dippy mothers group (through a cool mum friend) that I go to now on Fridays. We all sit around on big cushions and talk about our feelings and drink herbal tea. It’s great.


At the beginning of each time we go around and talk about how the week has been -if the bubs are sleeping etc. And last week I started talking about how Gus seems to like being out a lot but that I was worried about over doing it. And the woman who runs the place said some of the star signs are more active than others and asked me what Gus’ sign was.

I started crying.

It’s the first thing Mom would have done, drawn up a chart for him. And it just totally hit me.

Mom’s birthday, Mothers day -no tears at all. But ask me about Gus’ rising sign and I bawl.

2 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Five

  1. I’m grateful for the triggers of rememberance that affect me. Otherwise, those I’ve loved who have gone would just disappear.

    Maybe these hippy dippy moms will know of an astrologer.

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