Day Ninety-Two

Speaking of heads, on Sunday we made parenting mistake #2.

We decided to wash his hair for the first time -that is, using some kind of soap. Until this point we’ve used nothing at all, just water. So we thought ‘shampoo will be too harsh -how about hand soap?’ Just a dab and a big rinse.

But then 30 minutes later he began to cry for no reason. We thought he was tired from taking him out to friends’ house the night before and were vowing to never leave the house again. He had just eaten, had a clean nappy, had all his limbs…

So we used the magic breastfeeding and he fell asleep. When he woke up he started scratching his head, and that’s when we knew it was the dang soap. We rinsed him again and put lotion on his head for the past two days.

His hair looks greasy but he’s happy. Ah.

(mistake #1 was the nail clippers, by the way)

4 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Two

  1. Emily, soap is actually harsh (alkaline). There are better alternatives for adults- gels that don’t contain laurel sulphate for example. For babies hair a Baby Shampoo is better but probably even that is unnecessary with the occasional exception. Still check the baby shampoo doesn’t contain laurel sulphate- a strong industrial detergent suspected of damaging developing corneas. I have just checked the bottle of baby shampoo that’s been in my bathroom cupboard for years and it contains laurel sulphate! Happy hunting!

  2. Thanks. That’s pretty scary. Like the nail clipping, we’re back to doing nothing for awhile. Gus will be known as your greasy-headed scraggly-nailed grandchild.

  3. great to catch up on your and gus’s news – sounds like its all continuing to get a lot easier and more fun on the whole 🙂 Re the shampoo, we’ve been using one called tiny tangerine while we’ve been away and it works well – theres no sulfates or anything – you can get other ones in the health food stores, i think gaia is supposed to be all nasty-free and widely available. Hope your travel plans are coming along – its not always been easy but certainly doable and well worth it! 6 flights down, 4 more to go…

  4. Thanks Nicky- will look it up! Great to hear the traveling is going well. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures.

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