Day Ninety-One

Tried for another normal movie (i.e. not one specially for mums) and didn’t have much more luck this time. But this theatre was near the Botanical Gardens so we took a nice walk and sat in the grass. Gus has been loving looking up at the trees lately. He’ll lay flat in his stroller and just kinda wiggle with glee when we pass beneath one.

Then on the way back, I realized we were walking by the Opera House and had a magnificent view of the bridge as well. Sometimes I forget how gorgeous Sydney is.


2 thoughts on “Day Ninety-One

  1. Hey Em,
    Over here, there’s a theatre that caters to babies…there are sofas and chairs and tables instead of the usual movie theatre seats. You also eat dinner there with your baby — the baby has to be under 1. Maybe there’s something like that there?

  2. That sounds fabulous! Nothing like that here -just the mums & bubs time where they don’t care if you make noise.

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