Day Eighty-Three

Been a bit lame with the updates the last few days. I’m working on a speech for Interesting South tomorrow and it’s been taking all of my spare time (all 3 hours!)

But today was Mother’s Day here. Gus made me croissants and decaf coffee but then was too tired to stay up and eat them with us.


Charles and I also went out for the first time last night (to a friend’s play) and left Gus at Aunt Sally/Uncle Paul’s. It felt weird. I was half worried he’d get gas somehow and make their life hell. But also just kinda missed him and the permanent responsibility that’s now here. Everything went fine, of course, and I had a great glass of Pinot at dinner. I’m sure the next time will be totally normal.


3 thoughts on “Day Eighty-Three

  1. Gus looks excited for mom and dad to have a night out! Or is that his happy face upon your return? Happy Mother’s Day! Leigh and I were talking about that the other day, when we were sending off our own Mother’s Day cards to our moms. I realized again that it meant soon I would have some little being calling *me* mom! How very strange….I’m sure a piece of you will always miss him when you are separated. I would wonder if that completely goes away, esp. during their fast-growing years.

    Does your mention of Beautiful South mean we’ll see a blog entry or two on Carpevia or Conformists? (In your spare time of course 🙂

  2. I was thinking about you on Mothers’ Day, Em. I wasn’t sure Aussies had the same day.

    You kinda get accustom to being joined at the chest with the little guy, don’t you?

    I am still in Anchorage awaiting Kaia’s appearance. So far, nothing to write home about.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Em. Here’s to many, many more. Jeff, Jake and I had brunch today in Eugene so it was special to be with both kids at the same time on Mother’s Day.

    I’m glad to hear from you again on the blog.

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