Day Seventy

Gus got his passport photos today:
Picture 2.png

And just as we got to the photo place, he fell fast asleep so I got to sit in a cafe for an entire hour:

As we were heading out of the city, we suddenly had to eat RIGHT NOW. So we stopped in the middle of Hyde Park and had lunch on a bench near the fountain.

I’m actually really loving the walking and breastfeeding at random places in the city. It’s a very nice pace to the day.

So even though I only got two things done today -the photos and an hour of cleaning my files at the office, it feels like a really good day.

(another big smile for Uncle Richard)

Update: Turns out the coffee I had was caffeinated and we are seeing signs of a very long night ahead of us.

8 thoughts on “Day Seventy

  1. A passport! How exciting…this must mean plans to come home are firming up. He’s definitely growing like a weed. Can’t wait to see his changing expressions first hand! I’m excited to experience that “slowing down” pace. It seems like it gives a good positive perspective to the world, seeing the world through new, awed eyes and appreciating (almost) every minute of it. Probably not the colic and the sleeplessness, but feeling it and knowing that all things change eventually.

  2. What a fabulous photo of the smile for Uncle Richard!! Thanks so much for sharing it. I’m with Amanda: does a passport mean travel to Oregon before too long?

  3. That’s the hope! I’m up to my eyeballs in official forms but if all goes well, am looking forward to some Oregon sun.

  4. nooooo. you’re not allowed to leave us :o)
    we have to catch up really soon. It’s taken some time for me to hit the jetlag on the head this time.

  5. You all must be in the middle of spring rains! I do mean sun! I does show up eventually : )

  6. Since global warming showed up the weather in the Northwest has been colder and rainier than ever. So as it gets warmer and warmer the temps will drop.

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