Day Sixty-Nine

I’m writing this on the Sunday of a long weekend. Even though my weekends aren’t so very different from my weekdays, it’s great to have an extra day of Charles around.

Highlights from the weekend include:

Went shopping for new clothes -Gus has just bumped into the next size bracket. After one nap on Saturday, I swear he had grown several inches.

Realized that, although I love that Gus is a boy, it means I won’t get to dress my kid in those little stripy tights (love those).

Gus developed a new habit of spitting up, particularly on his Dad.

A nice old woman walked by us and said, ‘he’s well trained.’ And it took us a moment to realize she meant Charles (who was pushing the pram)

(one of the new digs -close as we’ll get to stripy tights)

2 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Nine

  1. Love the outfit. What size is he now? Gus, not Chuck.

    Funny, isn’t it, how patronizing older people can be when they see men being involved with their babies? Their perceptions are lagging far behind the reality.

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