Day Sixty-Six

A couple of people have told me lately that it seems like from the blog that everything is always great and that Gus is a perfect baby. I mean, he is (just look at him). But I just want to make it clear that things aren’t always great -it’s just that it would get super boring if I were to record every hiccup (speaking of hiccups, Gus is apparently one of the only babies who gets upset by them -ie needs to be held because he cries about them).


That said, today was a really great day. We were up all night again with gas (broccoli in the vegetarian lasagna) and in pain until 1:30 in the afternoon. But now I know what to do to ease the pain and trick him into sleeping through it.

I also had a great mother’s group with all sorts of lovely sharing of stupid details that bore the tears out of passers by.

And then I had a  peaceful walk in the evening rain.


I felt calm. I felt like there’s an earth mother way down deep inside me and she’s calm and firm and knows exactly what to do with kids at all times. Today I felt a little bit of her come to the surface and it was a really nice change for awhile.

5 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Six

  1. Hi Emily

    I’m on day 76 (I think, I don’t trust my counting). Beeker pointed me in the direction of this blog back in November. I was supposed to meet her today (we postponed) and it reminded me to look you up again. I’m going back now to read from day 1.

    I’ve had the opposite kind of day today. Joseph and I also took a walk in the rain but it turned into hail.

    Helen x

  2. Emily, you are being so cool and collected. I imagine there are times when you feel neither. The photos are so wonderful to see almost everyday. I am so proud of you…..your generation has a whole different way of approaching parentening and I applaude you. Peter and Julianne are to be married, maybe by next summer. Then, I too, will be looking forward to being a grandmother. Denis has grandchildren, but it’s just not the same, you know. I want my blood pulsating through a young adventurer in this crazy and wild world. Guess I’m just becoming old and sentimental.

    Love, Connie

  3. I don’t know Julianne but I’m sure their kids will be adorable since Peter was such a cute kid. But no pressure Peter! : ) (ps I love the description ‘young adventurer’)

  4. Hi Helen! Give Beeker a huge hello from me. And I’m about to go check out your blog too. I love it -good timing. Love comparing notes across the ponds.

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