Busy Body

Charles had his first busy-body encounter over the weekend.

He was at the cafe, had parked the pram outside and was ordering at the counter when an older women walked up to him and started lecturing, “you can’t just leave him out there like that! the door is closed, you won’t be able to hear when he cries! and what if someone steals him?” To which Charles said, “good, I haven’t been sleeping well lately.” Just then Gus cooed from inside the carry-bag on Charles’ shoulder and the lady said, “oh” and walked away.

The women at mother’s group today had similar stories. Men must get it more. But one of the women was told her kid wasn’t wearing enough warm clothes.

I remember, though, being a kid in the super market and having random old people disipline me for running, or screaming or what have you. And I think that kind of thing is good in a way -takes a village to raise a child kind of thing.

I suppose the difference is in saving the lecture for the kids vs the new parents.

5 thoughts on “Busy Body

  1. I am the ultimate busy-body, but in cases like those I tend to just loiter and keep an eye on the baby until the parent comes back. The whole point is to keep the kid safe. I do this the most in stores where small children are standing up in grocery carts.

    It is galling, though, to be perceived of as irresponsible and dumb.

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