Day Sixty-Two

I think it’s funny how he looks so different moment to moment. Like when he’s tired and his eyes get all small like buttons. Or when he turns pure red within seconds (usually building up to a big scream).

And here’s evidence. This first picture was taken only 15 minutes before the second one.



While this third one was taken in the 70s on the set of a bad art movie.


3 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Two

  1. Oh Em. Thank you so much for the pictures, every day. He is so precious I can barely stand to wait to meet him. When are you heading back to ‘Murrica?

    How much does the Guster weigh these days.

  2. Thanks Karen!
    Aunt Nette, just weighed him today (9 weeks) and he’s 5.8 kilos -that’s 12 lbs. His legs are starting to get all chunky.

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