Day Fifty-Seven

Gus had his first round of shots today. I was going to take pictures but then it just felt too mean -big screams. And now, tonight, he’s unhappy and uncomfortable. Poor pottit.

The other night we rented one of those English period dramas and they had a scene where the doctor was treating a sick woman via blood letting. I often wonder which techniques we’re using now (not just in medicine) that they’ll look back on and think, how funny.

As I watch my small child scream, I wonder if it’s the practice of purposing injecting him with small doses of poison.

3 thoughts on “Day Fifty-Seven

  1. Not to put too fine a point on it (pun intended) but the ‘poison’ shots are preferable to the diseases they prevent – I old enough to remember my mother sick with fear that the measles that I fortunately lived through relatively unscathed, would leave me blind or with rheumatic fever; my cousin spent his life in an iron lung, completely paralyzed with polio; and I never got to know two of my uncles who died from smallpox before I was born, not to mention the thrill of diptheria, cholera, and I could go on. All things considered, easier to bear the few tears than the alternative.

  2. This is just the conclusion I came to when contemplating skipping vaccinations with my younger son. I thought how I would feel if he got something he otherwise would be protected against and even though we were back-to-earth, all natural, organic food-type flower people, we had him vaccinated.

    And, children (of all ages) will be hurt and cry for all kinds of reasons and there is nothing whatsoever any parent, however loving, can do to prevent this. It’s one of the burdens of having children, namely suffering with one’s kids.

  3. This is an interesting topic. I remember when I was in Uzbekistan and I would always like drinking a cold coca cola and all the Uzbeks were telling me I would get sick as a result. Well 4 months passed without me being ill at all. One day I ate some bad food and I threw up. All of the people were quick to say I threw up because of my cold beverage habit.

    So I often told people that my perceptions of what seemed weird in their culture. I always ask what practices or beliefs seem odd in everyday American culture but so far nothing to shocking has come up.

    But people will believe the craziest things like some invisible sky wizard that controls our fate. That pretty much seems weird to me.

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