Firsts List

Ok, here is the final full list. I tried to keep to ones that we couldn’t influence and that will happen in the first year or so.  Feel free to give a guess to any of these below:

Sleeping through the night (has to be 8 whole hours)

Sitting up

Rolling over

Drinking from cup he holds himself


First word

First sentence

One thought on “Firsts List

  1. Here are my guesses. My youngest is 35 so my memory is not very good about these things any more. And, I did not go on line to look up the usual or average ages for these. I think this should be one of the rules – no looking up in baby books or on line.

    Sleeping through the night (8 hrs.) – 9 months
    Sitting Up – 6 months
    Rolling Over – 4 months
    Drinking from Cup held by self – 18 months
    Crawling – 8 months
    First Word – 15 months
    First Sentence – 20 months

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