Ok, so Jake suggested a contest for who guesses the closest date for a bunch of Gus firsts.  So I thought I’d start with first cold.

Just add your guess to the comments and I’ll let you know when it happens. Winner gets a big gummy kiss on the collar bone from Gus (when he’s well again). Or…I’ll try to think of something I can send.

But other than first step or first word, I can’t think of what other firsts to look for. Anyone have any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Sleeping through the night, say 11 to 7 or something like that; sleeping through the night, say 7 to 7 or close to that as well (are you dreaming of this?); first 24 hours in Oregon; using utensils to eat; drinking from cup he holds himself; first game of soccer; first game of cricket; first time left for 24 hours without mom and dad. There are lots of firsts. Jake has a whole blog entry of his firsts.

  2. 1. First fart that startles him.
    2. First word.
    3. First time he drinks Henry Weinhard’s Rootbeer and loves it.
    4. First haircut.
    5. First sentence.
    6. First time he is able to tie shoes.
    7. First time he discovers Star Wars.
    8. First time he pulls Charles’ nose hairs.
    9. First time he confuses me for Shrek.

    Why not put up a seperate page with all of the list of firsts so we can see when they happened.

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