Day Forty-Nine

I spotted Gus’ first spit bubbles today.

Which means I’ll soon be following him everywhere with a little towel until he gains control of his drool. How long is that? A couple of years?

It also means that he now has tears. We know this because yesterday, while inaugurating his new ‘baby nail clippers’ (you know what’s coming don’t you?) I clipped some skin on his finger. Oh, such a heartbreaking cry. A totally different cry than any he’s done before. I’m never clipping his nails again -I don’t care if they curl around his hands and keep him from his calling as a master pianist.


On a good note, we finally managed to have the video working and Gus awake at the same time to talk to Grandpa Reed (I’m sure he loves the sound of that).

Picture 9.png

7 thoughts on “Day Forty-Nine

  1. T-minus 6951 days-

    Gus seems to be rounding into nice form in the baby department. I was wondering if you could come up with a list of “baby firsts” and we could all wager on the date it happens. Thanks for making this happen.

  2. I recommend outsourcing the nail clipping. Phil became the Head Nail Clipper shortly after birth and 5 years into it, he’s still responsible for all 20 little nails. Regarding drool, my kids were huge droolers, big bib wearers for several years (the cloth bibs, not plastic eating bibs). Just watch for a red rash that they can get in their neck fat folds from being too moist.

  3. I know how you feel when you unintentionally hurt your little one. You feel terrible! Recently I was helping Zenas use scissors. I was so focussed on the hand that was doing the cutting that we cut a finger of his that was under the paper. No tears but there was blood. The other day I shut the car door on Marcel’s hand. Thankfully not too hard, so no swelling or bruising but he cried big time and I felt so bad I said sorry about 100 times, gave him big hugs, carried him into the shops and bought him anything he wanted in the supermarket, which included 4 pots of ready made jelly. Two for him and two for Zenas of course. So if you follow my form, your fingernail clipping incident won’t be your last infliction of pain and suffering on Gus.

  4. Gah! Emily I did the same thing with Jack. I was so scared of the little nail trimmer after that, that I switched to nail files for quite awhile. Then, I just got a different nail clipper and since then, I haven’t had another incident (yet!) on all 60 nails.

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