Day Forty-Eight

Charles gave me the best present for my birthday -sleep. Ah. I got about 9 hours over Friday night and Saturday. After the first bout, I felt all groggy and shivery and ended up basically sleeping through our lovely breakfast out at one of our favourite cafes. But I persisted and after the second bout I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.


The down side is there’s not much to report from the weekend -aside from a lovely picnic in the park with our friends Tim & Lee Fay (who we were terrible hosts to -changing nappies as entertainment) and managing to set up video conferencing with Dad and my cousin Christina who said I didn’t put enough pictures of me on here. So here you go:

from the ones that Paul took last week

from this week

And finally I leave you with a cartoon my friend Marilyn sent to me in an email entitled Sobering Thought:

Teen when I'm 60!.jpg

Oh yeah, 7000 days applies to us as well!

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