Day Forty-Five

We’ve had a bit of a day.


For the past couple of nights, Gus has been up every 30 mins with gas. The only thing that makes him feel better is a boob. Which means constant feeding. And having to hold him so he’ll sleep.

But after allowing myself a quick and efficient sob, I tried a few new things including a lullaby cd and the dummy.

Who knows what did it, but for the first time tonight he layed in bed cooing instead of crying. And he’s now been asleep for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Go figure.

3 thoughts on “Day Forty-Five

  1. Sometimes a nice rub on the belly helps with gas. Little circles at the belly button and then bigger circles as you move out to the whole belly. The key and most important is to go clockwise on the belly to encourage the gas to move out. Counter-clockwise causes the reverse so always rub clockwise when rubbing the tummy. Gentle massage always feels good! 🙂

    Thank goodness for the dummies… which Grant so determinedly sucked on until he was 3!

  2. Lady, I feel your pain. We had precisely the same night last night, with the gas. The massage, the dummy, the heat pack, the warm bath, none of it works….. I end up feeding.

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