So we just got Gus to sleep after several hours of patting and rocking. And we were sitting here glowing in our accomplishments when Charles just spotted a huge (HUGE) spider on the wall in the general direction of Gus’ bassinet.

In order to get to the spider we’d need to move the baby.

What to do?

3 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Following on Jake’s “Mugs” and “Bugs” comment, today (Australian time) would have been our sister, the cousins’ aunt and Emily’s mom – Linda Sue Roberts’ 60th birthday. I went to a birthday gathering today in Summit, outside Corvallis, for a woman who shares Linda’s birthday only Peg is turning 79. She invited me to bring Linda’s spirit with me to the gathering and I did.

    How does this connect with Mugs and Bugs you might ask… well this is just what Linda called Emily and Jeff, Jake’s older brother, when they were little kids all the way through adulthood. I miss her terribly. I am sorry she left us before Gus joined our family.

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