Random Horror Thoughts

These days when I walk by a construction site or when a dog comes close or when I’m crossing the street, I sometimes have horrible visions of something happening to Gus. Like a brick falling on his head. Accidents like that.

I suppose it’s because he’s so very small and he’s relying 100% on me to protect him. And because it’s all very new. And because I already love him so much that it breaks my heart to even think of these things happening.

But I do think of them quite a bit. And it doesn’t help that things actually happen to other people.

There was a woman in Melbourne last year who was talking on her cell phone while walking her newborn. When she turned around, someone had stolen her pram. Can you imagine? But then when the police and everyone started looking, they found it had actually rolled over the bank and into the water.

When I heard about this last year I thought ‘how sad’. And when I think of it now I can hardly keep it in my head, it makes me feel such incredible pain for the mother.

I also am feeling particularly empathic towards parents of kids who get diseases as well as towards babies who don’t have people to dote on them.

Before you call for an intervention, I’m not feeling this way for hours at a time -just little flashes. I’m actually very happy these days and loving it. He’s getting a bit rolly polly, by the way and his eyes are starting track more things. Oh, and I went to the doctor today to get a pill that boosts milk supply. She said Gus was cute -clearly she’s a very smart woman.


12 thoughts on “Random Horror Thoughts

  1. Are you going to be the sort of parent who underestimates their progeny? Rather than rolly-polly I think he is well built and robust and not only are his eyes tracking he is clearly reading that book.

    Yes it is difficult really to imagine other peoples feelings until you experience something of their situation yourself. I often look back to when I was a young doctor and think how differently I would feel for those patients now.

  2. If I seem to underestimate him it’s only because I don’t want to hurt the feelings of all the other mums out there who have children who clearly aren’t as smart or cute. Poor things.

  3. Not only is Gus reading that book, he is reading it out loud to his mommy.

    I am incredibly happy that you are loving being a mom, Em. I can’t wait to see you and meet your Sun, Gus.

  4. Jake, before digital I was not much of a photographer. I will try to unearth a photo for comparison but it might take a while.

  5. The picture of Em as an infant is the one I fondly call “the baby that ate New York” so Gus would have to pack on about 20 more pounds before we could see the resemblance.

  6. Gogo means Granny in Xhosa (South Africa) and in Chichewa (Malawi). And most likely in many other Southern African native languages. Where did Gogo in Australia come from??

  7. Gogo is my “grandmother” name given to me by my first grandchild, the lovely Harriet. Came from a cartoon character on a T-shirt I used to wear when looking after her as a baby. She used to point to the bright colours and I would say that’s Gogo.
    So the mix-up occurred.
    It seems almost the norm here. I know of grandmothers who are Beebee and Gaga.

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