Day Thirty-One

Ventured into the grocery store for the first time today. Took the stroller and a sleeping, bundled up Gus all tucked away behind a black sunshade. It was very quiet under there all the way up the street, through the door and half way across the produce department. And then it changed.

Little grunts at first but by the time we hit the formula section, he was full-on crying. I didn’t feel so bad about that in the baby section somehow. I picked him up and he seemed happy to look around -so much to soak up. But when I went to put him back down, he’d have none of it.  So I walked to the toilet paper and dishwashing powder sections with him under one arm and the shopping basket tucked in the stroller.

Ok, I thought, I can do this.  But then as we approached the check-out, he started crying again.  I kinda had no choice but to put him back in the stroller and paid as fast as I could as the crying accelerating to screams.

Finally, in the doorway of a closed restaurant a few doors down and just a few steps off the busy Potts Point sidewalk, I whipped out a boob.

And of course, he was perfectly, happily silent under the black sunshade all the way back home.

7 thoughts on “Day Thirty-One

  1. Yeppers. When you have a crying baby just give him a bust in the mouth.

    The prtable meals you carry at all times is what makes going places with an infant so possible.

    I have loved checking in here every morning with my first cuppa coffee. It always brings a smile.

  2. It definitely gives you sympathy for all those mom’s over the years you’ve seen with crying babies in public who look so harried. You can’t predict or always soothe the babies, but you can’t just stay at home until the baby’s old enough to reason with, that’s for sure. I’m glad you survived your first (unfortunately not last) public crying session. That’s one thing I’m curious about for myself when I first experience it.

    I’m with your Aunt Nette, too. This is the first thing, after getting my breakfast together, that I sit down to look at every day. It’s so nice to be able to check in with you this way, even though I don’t always make comments.

  3. This is the first website I check after Fox News and like that both websites are strong on family values. THANKS!

  4. Eh! Know the feeling and it makes my blood pressure rise to think of it.

    And to imagine I was once one of those grumpy single people who muttered under my breath at screaming babies. The 21 hour flight we’re about to attempt with a 5.5 week old is payback on me for sure.

  5. And I’m LOVING the comments. I check them with my first breast pump every morning.

    Lex, one of the women in my mothers’ group just got back from Germany and her big tip was to breastfeed on take-off and landing. Heck, why not try for the entire 21 hours? (ha ha) Good luck with it and looking forward to seeing you!

  6. I always sit near the bulkhead on flights and the crying babies aren’t the annoying part. In fact the crying baby isn’t bothersome at all.

    The super annoying mothers going “shhh shhhh shh shhhhh shhhhh shhh shhh shhhh shh shhh shhh shh” make me want to thrown them out mid flight.

    I am sure I am not alone when saying that I can look at the parents with babies and KNOW which ones will be annoying during the flight.

  7. Such demanding little babies they are! Gianna was, of course, the same way. I noticed that you have a sling, that was my only way of taking a peaceful trip to the grocery store, make sure Gianna was tanked up on mommy milk in the car, then gently placed in the sling for my relaxing (and quiet) trip to the store. Ahh.
    He certainly looks like a perfect combination of his mom and dad. What a cute little guy. Can’t wait to pinch his cheeks!

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