Day Thirty

Tried out the new sling today. Here’s what it looks like:
(I’m holding the door open on the wardrobe to take the picture in the mirror)

Took it to the mother’s group in the park. It was really good, by the way. About 15 mums sitting in a circle on the grass with their prams around the outside like covered wagons.

Started out a tad awkward. Not quite sure how to begin when meeting new people like this. Can’t just launch into the birth stories, can you? Seems the first thing to do is to introduce your bubs and find out how old they are. Then say how cute they are (and they are all so very cute). Then the conversation just kinda took off from there with people offering up their stories on all sorts of topics like when they started sleeping more through the night, how they used a dummie or not and what the babes in arms movie was like. We even got to the birth stories eventually. All very mellow -a nice way to spend an hour or two.

And the sling is great. Gus is still sleeping and he’s usually awake hours ago by now. A great tool to use every once in awhile.

(my view looking down at him)

3 thoughts on “Day Thirty

  1. I love those photos :o)
    I must say that you are definately looking the glamour sheik mum there! No circles around eyes or lank hair to be seen!
    Very impressed xxx

  2. Em
    Your family is fabulous. Enjoying your comments, pictures and you look wonderful!! I love the whole cave thing and especially enjoyed Jake’s comments towards his mum!! Your mother woulda loved that!! I’m sure she is looking down upon you and smiling.

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