9 thoughts on “Family Portrait

  1. Very, very sweet! You guys are one good looking family. You should have that one framed. It’s also so nice to see Gus transitioning from the first days of sort of involuntary facial and body reactions to now where he seems to be smiling and taking in his beautiful mommy with awe! That’s what it looks like to me anyway.

  2. Not yet but almost. He’s looking at me a bit longer now every once in awhile. But for this picture we’re actually laughing because he was making a hilarious grunting sound while refusing to look anywhere but to his right (even when I moved over to the left). : )

  3. Okay, now my next request is to have a photo where it appears Gus has just exploded from Charles’ stomach like in the movie Alien.

  4. Oh, I wish I had kept it. You can freeze it too. Apparently it’s good for all sorts of things. Some people slice a little piece off to eat in case of post-natal depression. Aunt Nett planted a tree with Eli’s. And of course, there’s the standard Alien reenactment photo.

  5. A friend of mine with four kids kept all four placentas in the freezer. She wanted to keep them until she bought a house and would them plant them under four special trees. So one day they went on holiday… and while they were gone the fuse blew… and two weeks later when they walked into the house…. well, you can imagine.

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