Day Twenty-Eight

Had a nice chat with Dad today. Need to figure out how to set up the video conferencing again. As it is, he got to hear a squeak or two from Gus over the phone.

But it reminded me that we took this picture when he was here: IMG_0700.JPG
(I was trying to make it look like one of those business magazine covers)

He had to kneel down on the sidewalk to get the right angle and just then a friend of Charles’ drove by and wondered why that pregnant lady was making that poor man take her picture.

Gus doesn’t actually look like much of a Reed. Which is good so far. He doesn’t have my chin or my ears.


Word is still out on the butt though. Please, oh please let him have the Young butt.

4 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Eight

  1. I want to reply to this without sounding corny….I don’t know if it’s possible but I’ll try. First off, I think the Reeds are quite attractive! What’s wrong with your ears???? Your butt is fine. (it does it’s job doesn’t it?) And at least you have a chin. Second…Gus is going to be a “guy.” Do you think he’s going to wake up each day wondering how his pants make his butt look? Guys have way better self image than us. (thankfully for those of us who have boys.)
    Third and most corny sounding as I’m trying to phrase it correctly…be careful that you don’t pass on any of that negative body image thinking to Gus because chances are if he hears it from you it will stick with him forever. (just had to say #3 because of some issues I’ve already had to address with Grant…and he wasn’t even 8 yet…go figure)

  2. Oh #3 is a good point. I meant it all very jokey (the Reed ears are quite useful for making sure hats don’t fall over our eyes), but you’re right about the chance of him taking it negatively. I’ll be careful with that.

    Of course, if he does get the Young butt, we’ll have to make sure he doesn’t go the other way and get all arrogant about it. The Young posterior is a particularly fine use of genes.

  3. Yeah, it wasn’t interpreted the way I meant it. I didn’t mean to sound so “serious” about it all…oh well.

  4. Oops. Sorry. That’s the hazard of writing (vs talking) sometimes. Still, I thought it was a really interesting point. : )

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