Day Twenty-Seven

Is the weekend gone already? I love having Charles here all day. I don’t get any more done but it’s nice to share the nappy changes and the interpretation of G’s noises (“was that a grunt or a cry?”).

I think 90% of our conversation now is something along the lines of “isn’t he cute?” “how cute is he?” and “oh, look at him now.”

IMG_1720.JPG IMG_1729.JPG IMG_1698.JPG

Not sure what they’ve done with our old brains, but I hope we get to visit them every once in awhile because these new ones aren’t very good for making either money or friends.

3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Seven

  1. Same brains; different compartments.

    I can’t believe how tortured I am not to be able to hold Gus and smell his head. And babysit so you guys could maybe go out for a glass of wine once on the weekend.

    He is beyond adorable.

  2. That would be a very expensive glass of wine!

    But seriously, someone should find a way to bottle baby head smell. It’s intoxicating.

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