Day Twenty-Five

Well, we’re into week three now. The days are still blurring by. I still have tiny pockets of time to do things. Perhaps 30 minutes a day to write emails or pay bills or shower (pick one). The rest is spent watching one cycle of the routine rotate into the next. Alternating goals of feeding him quickly and of getting him to sleep. Even going for a quick walk is still a big deal. He loves it but it takes him two hours to get to sleep afterwards since he gets so overtired.

I’m starting to think of this time as The Cave. It’s good in here for Gus with not too much stimulation or change. And it’s really not so bad for me either. It’s not boring yet. Day blurs into night blurs into day. I wear pjs the whole time. It’s cozy. I’m even starting to get a hold of the sleep thing a bit. (I’ve found a way at night where I can feed him without totally waking him up).

The hard part is that I’d love to see more of our friends. Especially since everyone has been so amazing and supportive. Charles and I were just talking about how we didn’t realize how many good friends we had before this. But since we need to stay in the cave a bit longer, we keep putting people off. So I’m looking forward to hanging out with real people again soon. Even though it means showering and having to think of something more interesting to talk about than breast-pumping and how cute Gus is.

I’ve stopped pumping between feeds, by the way. A bit of an experiment to see if we can do things ‘normally’ for a while.

Sleep is the new cute.

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Five

  1. Forgive me for this. Plato wrote about the Cave. It was where human beings were deceived about reality. People were chained in a cave where they could only see the shadows on the wall of what was thought of as realilty. One time, one of the people in the cave was freed from his shackles and went outside in the sunshine where “reality” was visible from the heightened light shown upon it. This, in Plato, is the philosopher. After seeing reality in the sunlight, the philosopher went back into the cave and told everyone what s/he had seen. This is called the Allegory of the Cave. I’m not sure which one is most real.

  2. Mom, when are you going to unshackle yourself from the cave of academia and come out be bathed in the light of reality known as The Simpsons?

    Also I don’t know how much Charles and Emily can trust your comments because you refuse to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    Emily, I wanted to let you know that I have written to S.N.O.B. and they are willing to consider Gus for membership.

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