Day Twenty-Four

Gus doesn’t love us yet.

One of the most interesting things about this whole experience is the realization that right now he’s just a bundle of pre-set reactions. The sucking, the kicking, the crossing of his eyes. All very cute but none of it on purpose yet.

Even his little hand that reaches up to scratch his cheek or grab his ear -even this is uncontrolled. And his face has no idea it’s his own hand (which I’ve now come to think of as ‘the claw’) and reacts in suprise each time he does it. Makes it easier to know this though so that I don’t take it as a sign that he’s not hungry, for example, when he won’t move his arms out of his mouth when I’m trying to feed him the bottle.

So no smiles yet or adoring gazes or badly cooked eggs and burnt toast in bed. He’s still just a little animal.

The best part is all the little noise he makes though. The little grunts and squeeks and gurgles. Even his farts are cute. (And no this doesn’t continue into adulthood, Charles.)

(almost a smile)

5 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Four

  1. I suspect it will coincide with recognizing where the food comes from. As Charles keeps making him say, “where’s that other bloke with the boobs?”

  2. He loves you as much as you love him. It is all a bit new and daggy. A bit infatuation and not a deep love yet. You think you love him now but you will love him more later, especially when you get to “know” him. He will love you more too. Grandad sent me a photo of Charles and Gus and it was quite obvious that he is impressed with Gus and he really loves Charles !

    I like the contrast between Tom and Gus. In the morning we sometimes (like not every day) look at the blog as we eat breakfast. I tried holding Tom just like Charles was holding Gus (OK so I put Tom on a chair and showed him a photo of when he was a baby). Tom was like “leave it out mum” (or should I say mom). I can kiss him but preferably not in public. He always cuddles me but again preferably not in public. He never goes to bed without a cuddle. But he does come out with some superb one liners – just to reel you back in – like the other day in the car when he said ” Hey Mum (that is my name “Hey Mum” , not “Mum”, or what used to be “Mumma”, but “Hey Mum” “Yeah Tom” ” You know what?” ” No Tom, What” ” “Well if anything happened to you I don’t know what we would do without you” and the girls are like rolling their eyes dreaming about a mum that does fast food and anytime bed !!

    PS Alice thought Gus was decidedly unimpressed by the chest hair !!

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