Day Twenty-Three


I took this picture this morning before Charles left for work. After this, he was in my arms the entire day. Wouldn’t go to sleep in his cot for longer than 30 minutes (while I rocked it) the entire day. I finally let him sleep on me so that he could actually get a couple of hours uninterrupted. But it’s made for a very long day without being able to do anything else.

I’m not stressed this time though. Just a tad stir crazy.

8 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Three

  1. Loving reading your blog and seeing all the pics. Haven’t had a chance these past few days, so tonight was like a good ol’ catch up. Well, not quite like the real thing in person. But I’ll take what I can get 🙂

  2. Those are the days I get a little mad – have you tried the sling yet? Sometimes it was the only thing that would work and you could at least do something, even with one hand!

  3. Fabulous picture. It is one you will love forever.

    Yep – a sling or a snugli. Only way Lena would sleep sometimes.

  4. We actually have a sling but can’t quite figure out how to use it yet. Is he meant to be completely covered up?

  5. It depends what style you have – see if there’s a brand name on it and they might have a website with instructions..i usually wear her in mine ‘upright’ with knees against the bottom hem and feet dangling out, you can look at babaslings website to get some ideas if yours doesnt have.
    great photo by the way!

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