Day Twenty-One

We have the best family and friends. As is evident in the comments. But also in the number of gifts that are sitting in our living room. As discussed with our friend Amber, I never realized how much people love babies and how much of a present occasion it is. Now I realize what a crappy friend I’ve been to people who have had them.

It’s amazing, this having a baby thing. People are so excited about it. Current parents talk to you with such a glow -and also a sense of ‘welcome to the club.’ Which I must say is a bit of an odd feeling pre-birth. As if they’re sharing an experience with you but you’re not quite sure what that will be yet.

And the whole sharing clothes and things too. There’s a hidden trade economy going on back here. My friend Jess loaned us a huge list of stuff like a stroller, a bassinet, a sling, a sterilizing container… My friend Ramona sent a fabulous maternity dress from France… And the family handed us a huge box of blankets and clothes. It’s a real culture of giving. Like the whole world rejoices at this new little wiggle thing.

And it makes me wonder when it goes away. I know this isn’t a new thought, but when does the celebration turn into the irritation with obnoxious kids. Or the need to control those teenagers. When does it become ok to kill grown men?

I was watching TV the other day and I kept seeing Gus in the faces of little boys, police men, and even in the serial killer character. It made me love them all the same way.

Yet, somewhere along the way a line is passed somehow. Just curious to see when that happens. Surely not while he smells as good as he does now.


3 thoughts on “Day Twenty-One

  1. This is my first attempt at commenting but I could not resist telling the world that I am the proud grandmother of the most beautiful of all babies.
    Emily don’t worry. I think it is a universal truth that one is not interested in babies till one has one of one’s own. Then you love them all for life. Not sure about the “line”. Probably grows with him.

    What clever parents! Amazed that you find the time to keep us so well informed. Photos great . He is getting chubbier by the day. Do I see a hint of fair hair?

  2. Welcome to the blog, Gogo (that’s the name all the grandkids call her)! Yes, his hair is starting to get lighter and softer. He still has the fuzz on his shoulders though. : )

  3. I was thinking about your question about when that joy with the child turns into being OK to kill the man, and it made me remember a discussion with a friend in the days after 9/11 here in the States. He is a liberal who has a family, at that time a very young boy under 2yo. And I was astounded at his anger and his desire to have the US take revenge. It came down to the idea that it would protect his family, protect his son, because how awful would that be if the target was his beloved boy and wife (and I don’t say that sarcastically). I think *that’s* when people start to turn, when it becomes a matter of not being able to see the same young child in the enemy. Not to say that it’s wrong to have that desire to protect your family, but some of that ability to see the innocence and that humaniity in “the other” gets lost in the process. And protecting our lives doesn’t have to mean killing others. Those others have families too, and sometimes we forget, especially when we are taking war to other countries, that those people we are trying to kill are often just trying to protect their families or their way of life. It’s too bad that we have to forget that every adult was once that cute, cuddly little being who triggered such happiness, joy, love and generosity.

    I’m glad you’re having such a huge outpouring of love and generosity with Gus. It really is a matter of “what you put out there really does come back to you tenfold”. It’s because you’re such a great, giving person, that you have such a wonderful response. It’s certainly something to strive for.

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