Day Nineteen

Weekends are great. Charles and I play “let the other one sleep.” A fun game.

Granddad brought over fruit and veggies for us from the country. It looks so good sitting there, I just had to take a picture.


I also went out for a walk this evening -my first time alone. It was a bit surreal and it made me realize how spacey I am. Felt like walking outside after being in a zen retreat. All the lights and people are so interesting after being away from them for a while. And it made me notice that the stitches are still there (easy to ignore when the longest walk I do is between the bedroom and the livingroom).

Where did I go? I bought a decaf coffee and walked to the book store to buy “The No-Cry Sleep Solution.” Par.Tay.

Had a small realization as I walked that this is the biggest commitment I have ever made (no offense to Charles). I can move cities and change careers as much as I like, but this is so very permanent. Sure, I can walk up to the Cross for a long-black but now I must get back to help feed and burp a little snuffly, grunting piglet. I’m sure there’s times this will feel like a weight. But now it’s just a longing to be back home with C and G -like a rubber band that only stretches so far.

4 thoughts on “Day Nineteen

  1. Sweet. Sweet.

    I may be very odd (well, duh) but my kids never felt like a burden to me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like throwing them across the room a time or two, but that rubber band between them and me is still there.

    You will probably find that nothing has ever been as interesting to you as are the tiniest changes in Gus.

    Fun, isn’t it?
    Cindy says hi. I had a nice long chat with her yesterday and I had failed to even tell her you were preggers. She is delighted for you guys.

  2. Rubberband. Such a planner. A good one. Instant image in the mind. Conveys so many things. Very heartwarming.

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