Day Seventeen

Went up to the Early Childhood Centre today for a mothers’ group meeting. Most of the other babies were at least a month older -except for one very tiny girl the same age as Gus. Made him look like a giant, she was so small.

The mums we’re all fashionable and perky. Not sure I’ll find any closet hippies here. The woman who runs it spoke with each of us one at a time in the circle so there wasn’t a lot of group interaction. Lots of talk about sleeping and settling. Although everyone was nice, not sure how this will turn into an actual group. Will let you know (because you are on the edge of your seat, I can tell).

3 thoughts on “Day Seventeen

  1. Facilitator: “How is everything going with mom and baby?”

    Mom: “The baby doesn’t let me sleep and I am super tired….what are do you suggest?”

    Facilitator: “Well this is natural and you will get used to it or not.”

    Mom: “Thanks so much for your genius insight.”

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