5 thoughts on “Day Fifteen

  1. Congrats! I’m envious. We’re suffering with the dreaded colic over here – gonna be a long, long three months.

  2. Oh no. Gas and hiccoughs are bad enough. The lactation consultant gave us this list in case of cloic: “Baby Bifidus” by Bioceuticals; “Neocare” by Phytocare; and “Lifestart” by Natren

    They may all be Australian brands, but just in case.

    Sending you some of our day light your way!

  3. Just when you wonder how much more sleep deprivation you can take….ahhhh, a blissful 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Believe it or not one of these nights (probably a few of months down the road still) you’ll go to sleep and when you wake up you’ll realize that Gus slept all night and you did too.

    I am so happy that you are sharing this with us because although I’ve been through it before it’s been 8+ years and the fresh reminders are preparing me for what lies ahead this summer. (as much as I can be prepared anyway) And to know that this little section of babyhood doesn’t go on forever…thankfully!!!!

    Good sleeps to you and Gus! May the 4 hour sleep stints continue….

  4. Loving your updates and it all rings so very true – from your description of the intricacies of the day’s program right down to the cricket as sleep-inducer! Craig’s parents stayed last night and she was the most incredible angel – for the first time ever she slept at least 3-4 hours 3 times in a row, and was wonderful all day – when she woke up, she was just sweet, happy and ready to ‘play’ rather than immediately crying for food…of course since they left a few hours ago its all gone back to the usual desperate crying and no sleeping regime again. should i take it personally??!

    Sorry charles has gone back to work – its definitely harder dealing with it all day alone especially if you have a cryer on your hands..i have to say i’ve done a complete about turn on dummies and now think they’re a lifesaver..thoroughly recommend wearing him in a pouch too – i’ve borrowed a babasling from a friend, which i can wear tight enough to keep her above the ‘wound’ and it usually works like magic, leaving me free to wander the streets and feel like a ‘normal person’ while she sleeps curled up kangaroo style

    Anyway, i hit the 6 week mark this weekend and hopefully will be free to drive and stuff, so let me know if you want a visitor after next week – i know i found some of the early days I was desperate to know someone was coming, and on others just wanted to be alone, so let me know how you feel..

  5. Oh, and the unexpected projectile vomits too – such fun! My washing machine has never had such a good workout…and I figure I’ll just get the armchair recovered in a year or so 🙂

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