Day Thirteen

Grantie Lani asked if it was an innie or an outie?


I can’t tell yet. Both?

Had my first little sleep deprived cry today. No reason except I thought we were way off schedule in putting him to sleep. But it turned out we were only a bit off schedule. And I then got 3 whole hours of sleep in a row. Woo hoo. I’m a new woman now.

Tip #14:
Even one-day cricket has a powerful sleep-inducing effect

(Yes, he’s actually tucked up in there)

4 thoughts on “Day Thirteen

  1. It was Aunt Lani who asked about the innie thing. It is still too early to tell.

    The only thing I know about cricket I learned in a very cool Bollywood movie, Lagaan. I have to say futbol is more fun to watch.

    Give Gus a kiss for me, and a full body cuddle. There is just something about the full body contact with an infant that is so, so nourishing to me.

  2. yay yay yay – Gus is gorgeous. Just had to drop in and say well done. 🙂
    Love to Charles.

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