Day Eleven

The woman from the Early Childhood Centre made a home visit today. They have this system here in Australia where each neighbourhood has an office run by mid-wives where you can take your kid for check-ups, shots or questions. (You really only call the Pediatrician for emergencies.) They also arrange the mother’s groups for your area.

She brought her scales and tape measure today and Gus’ weight is up from check out (he lost 10% in the first few days after birth) which is good. A good sign that our system is working.

Here his is clothed and in pounds:

And again naked and in Kilos:

Oh, and his head also grew a centimeter.

2 thoughts on “Day Eleven

  1. That is very good news, Em. Every ounce is important. He is a keeper.

    And isn’t he the most fun toy you’ve ever had? Even better than Evevo?

    Does the smile ever leave Chaz’s face?

  2. It’s just so amazing to me how much more advanced (and organized) some other countries are about health & childcare. I think you’re very lucky to be there instead of here in these early days. They sound so much more proactive than in the US about helping out new mothers.

    And how exciting that you and Charles have now officially been annointed by Gus as his parents! Very happy for you both 🙂

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