Day Ten

Our Routine

These days feel a bit like a zen week-long sit. The lack of sleep, the lack of ‘getting anywhere’ and the myriad of details to focus on that keep me in the moment. So if you’re wondering what we’re doing, here ya go. Old hat stuff for parents, I’m sure.

Wait til snuffles in bassinet crescendo then pick up on the first actual yelp -just before he actually gets upset.


Take to couch to breastfeed. Upwrap Gus, place two pillows on lap, tuck bottom little arm down where it can’t escape, line up nose with nipple, place one hand on his back (not his head), other thumb to work in perfect conjunction to slip nipple in mouth while fully opened. This takes several tries. There is lots of wiggling.


Stroke head while eating so he doesn’t sleep.

Use pinky to unlatch the suction (otherwise, very painful removal).

Sit Gus up straight for burps (no patting on back)


Take over to change table. Place folded towel under head, separate towel under body (in case of excessive spillage). If he’s wearing a shirt, tuck arms in to prevent flailing. Undo diapers and expect the worst. Hold wriggling legs so clean bits don’t fall in dirty bits. Soak wipes and go quickly -don’t miss any areas, don’t stop when you pass go. Wiggling increases. Slide out old diaper, slide in new. Secure. Wash hands.

Wet cotton ball and wipe eyes from nose to ear in one swipe. Ignore screams and breaking of heart. Lift now very awake child.

Return to pillows and repeat on other boob.

Wrap slightly comatose child so arms are tight and bundled (note, a skill in and of itself). If hungry, feed bottle of expressed milk from fridge (warmed in bowl of luke-warm water). If still hungry, feed 10ml of formula at a time until full.

Wrap, rock, pat until signs of sleep appear deep enough.


If particularly difficult to sleep, let him sleep on you while watching Top Gear


Lie on mattress. If doesn’t wake, you win!

Return to breastpump and place nipple in sucky thing for 10 mins each. Write blog and return emails one handed.


Take extra milk to fridge. Sterilize bottles and breast pump.


Make/drink special milk-stimulation tea.


Go to sleep.


Ok, so Charles just read this and said it sounded a bit sad. I don’t mean it to. We’re actually loving it. If he sleeps for longer than 3 hours, we both love it (hurrah, more sleep!) and also actually kinda miss him.

5 thoughts on “Day Ten

  1. I love the concerned look he gets on his face. His eyebrows pulled together at the middle.

    I’m happy to hear you are adjusting and settling in. Gus just keeps getting more beautiful with every picture I see of him! And I enjoy seeing proud Papa holding Gus…everyone looks peaceful and happy in your pictures. Thanks for making time to share all of your experiences with us.

  2. Em, I love your stories. And, I love the photos of Gus. And, I love his name. And, I can so easily remember the short bits of sleep. I don’t know if they have all the same gear there, but I got this nursing pillow called “My Brest Friend” — ignore the dorky name, and I’ve used it with all three kids. If it was warm enough I would also nurse them with only their diaper on to help them stay awake. I know you don’t need the advice, but those things saved me. Oh, and the boob cream. 🙂

  3. My sister told her 3 year old son that one breast was regular milk, the other chocolate milk. Obviously he always recommended the choc milk breast to the baby 🙂

    I once drank a lot of Fenugreek tea for some reason or other. I forget. Clearly not for lactating reasons. And I ended up smelling like Fenugreek, for days after my last cup. What flavour is your milk?

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