Day Eight

Today has been a bit of a day.

After a lovely 3 hour nap in the morning, we’ve had a very hard time getting him back to sleep. That is, we’ll get him to sleep by boob or by cuddle but as soon as he goes down in the bassinet, he’s awake again. And this isn’t even the crying phases they talk about coming around the corner.

We have had lots of nice snuggles though.


5 thoughts on “Day Eight

  1. Fun, ain’t it? We’ve been having the same thing, Louis is hard to settle. Over on this side of the world, it seems to be gas pains. Good luck with it!

    BTW this photo is completely adorable

  2. Does Gus have something to suck on? I am totally convinced that babies who are allowed to have a pacifier are much more relaxed and able to sleep. I was the mom who nursed my babies to sleep, evey. single. time. they. needed. to. go. down. By the time I realized how much they needed to suck to relax it was too late and they would have nothing to do with a binky.

    And the whole notion of swaddling was a new one to me, when my grandbabies began to come along. I have learned a lot from the young women in my life.

    He sure is purdy, Em.

  3. Aunt Nette’s comments remind me of something our mother, your grandmother, told me when Jeff was born many moons ago (42 x 12) and that is that when the belly feels quite exposed, it feels dangerous to the baby, anxiety producing. Now that babes are being placed on their backs to sleep, this leaves the belly exposed in ways it wasn’t when babes were put on their tummies to sleep. It is, I suppose, just a coincidence that this is also where many spiritualities also say quite a lot of power resides and then there are the sayings about the vulnerability of underbellies..hmmm. At any rate, maybe placing something a little heavier, like a blanket or teddy bear, on Gus’ belly will help him feel more secure. Mom first mentioned this while bathing the baby, it helps to place a washcloth on the exposed belly. Lots of love to you all.

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