Nameless no more

Well, as we think the University admissions people might have a problem with Sweety Poppet, we finally decided on a name.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Mr. Gus Buckminster Vousden Reed


Reed -This is the one we’ll have to explain the most, I imagine. First of all, yes, we do just like to be different. But also, why not pass on the name through the woman’s family? If there is a sense of loss with this, then I think it’s worth stopping to think about. It’s certainly not a rejection of the Youngs in any way, as Gus totally lucked out by being born to this family (Best. In-laws. Ever.). Also, I’m an only child while on Charles’ side we still have the virility of Richard on which to place all hope (no pressure). And finally, Charles just thinks that ‘Gus’ just sounds better with ‘Reed’ than with ‘Young.’

Vousden – An old Young family name. Charles’ middle name.

Buckminster – Visionary, designer, architect, poet, author, inventor and the original blogger

Gus – How can you not love the name Gus?

We had decided on most of this beforehand but we wanted to wait to get to know him a few days to make sure it fit him. I love that you have 60 days here in Australia to decide on names. Although, I’m surprised there aren’t more little ‘Poo Monster Smiths’ walking around.

18 thoughts on “Nameless no more

  1. Gus – what a wonderful name! I’m sure you will love whispering, saying, questioning and shouting it for many years to come! Give Gus kisses from all of us!

  2. And what a mouthful when you say the child’s full name to get his attention, like Emily Kay Reed or any other permutation, maybe Charles Vousden Young (now that I know). Gus Buckminster Vousden Reed !should get his attention at any point.

    He looks just terrific! I’m glad to hear that you’re home and everyone’s okay. Love to the three of you.

  3. What a great name! And if we have a boy and go with one of our top choices in names, they will have a connection…I have to say that now that we’ve seen some close-ups and better lit photos, I think he looks like Chuck’s dad the most. I’m glad to know you’re home and enjoying the little man. I’m sure he will give you hell for his name when he’s a pre-teen/teen and then will love you for it when he’s older. I’m looking forward to seeing him grow and hearing your stories about him.

  4. The guy who runs Monsieur Camembert – the singer – took on his mother’s last name as his stage name. You’ve saved little Gus the trouble 🙂

  5. Hey, and I remember some time ago (it was while in my Bondi flat, so not that long ago) that I was relating a story about how my boss (from a long time ago) had given me a book to read because she said he reminded her of me. (Blush). But I couldn’t remember the author so I told you a bit about him. And Charles (I think) said that must be Buckminster Fuller. To which I was astounded that anyone had heard of him. (Blush again. Clearly I didn’t read much. Perhaps just the first few pages about how he had seen the world in its minutiae due to his eyesight.)

  6. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gus Buckminster Vousden Reed. What a wonderful, promising name. I just checked the meaning of Gus: “Short form of Augustus (Latin) “worthy of respect”. Buckminster is a great choice too. I was very impressed reading the wikipedia-entry about Buckminster Fuller. I never heard of “Vousden”, but found a VOUSDEN ONE-NAME STUDY – searching for the meaning of the name that only suggested so far: “I am aware of the ‘conventional wisdom’ amongst many Vousden researchers that we descend from Huguenots escaping persecution in France, but I have yet to find any evidence for this.” So the little boy got already a story to tell. All the names are beautiful gifts to the new prince of Australia. Again: Happy Birthday to the happy family.

  7. Buckminster Fuller was better known as Bucky. So, here’s to you, Gus Bucky Vousden Reed. I love you so big already. You are such a lucky little fella to have the parents and friends and extended family you have. I can’t wait to meet you and “chuck” you under the chin.

    And blow on your belly. And smell your head. And have you snuggle into my neck.

  8. Little bubbles above each baby picture from left to right…

    Picture 1: Mum, Dad, do you have a name for me yet?

    Picture 2: Hurry up already, I’m falling asleep…

    Picture 3: Gus Buckminster Vousden Reed …. aww .. I love it….;-)

  9. You can tell by his expression that Gus is a serious sort of chap, and doesn’t take his name lightly. In fact, in picture 2 he is enunciating Buckminster. By picture 3, he has it down pat!
    Welcome to this world, Gus, the visionary. You are already so loved.

  10. Personality plus, that’s Gus. He’s got a powerful identity already. Can’t wait to hear what he says when he starts to talk!!

    Beautiful bubba. Congrats again. love Erin

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