Days One – Five

It’s only been two weeks and already I’m forgetting all the details of the first few days in the hospital. If only they had had wireless, I could have captured it all at the time. Anyway, here are the highlights.

The light was bright and Gus was sensitive to it. So we brought in our own softer one.


Looking back, I see how puffy his face was. Especially around the eyes.


My milk took a while to come in and he’d get frustrated with the colostrum and chomp with a flurry like a little piglet. By day 3, he would get so upset and worked up that he couldn’t eat. I tried to keep at it at first until I learned how to calm him down before we tried.


Some midwives were quiet and calm while others were blustery. They’d sweep in and talk in loud voices which I was always afraid would wake him but never did.


Charles slept at home the first night but then in the room after that.

He bought me cheese. (I love this man)


We had visitors. Richard, Cath, Amber, Nicole, Robin from writing, Diana from zen, Marion, Avi & Denise, Granddad & Gogo, and Sally.


By day 4 we wanted to go home but the milk hadn’t come in yet and he was underweight. On the last day we expressed and fed him tons to fatten him up. And it worked! We were free.

IMG_1437.JPG IMG_1440.JPG

On the way home, there was no way to comfort him in the carrier. So I rode in the back with him but couldn’t hold him since he was strapped in. He finally found his fingers and shoved them in his mouth and was fast asleep by the time we reached home.


Rory came out from the cafe and cooed. Called it the victory lap.


Sally brought over the Rules which were both comforting and intimidating.


Then we were at home alone with a new baby who was still asleep in his car seat in the living room. Now what?


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  1. I don’t know how I missed this post. Very nice to remind me that a new baby can be a little intimidating, even if you already know how to change diapers…what on earth do you do with this new little thing?? Hopefully it will only be a few hours (days) before Leigh and I find out.

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